Do you own a folding bike?

Folding bikes reduce theft claims

A folding bike is pretty neat. You can be riding down the street on your bike and the next minute that bike is stored in a seemingly too tight space. If your bike is folded up then it is less likely to be a target and it might be easier to secure.

If you own a foldingbike then are you a nerd? That concept has gone out the window. the engineering of these models now appeal to more then just the socially challenged.

These bikes come in all sizes though there can be issues with too quick a response with the smaller models. The largest can be a challenge for storing in a studio apartment.

Best of all, with a more compact model the money you spend is likely not to be going down the street when your bike gets stolen. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't consider a floater or endorsement on your home insurance to give extra coverage to your investment. It does mean that it is less likely you will have a claim if the thief cannot ride away on your bike.