Do I need insurance for my snowmobile?

With changes coming to British Columbia the legal answer will soon be, "yes you do". The only time the answer would be no is if you were using the sled only on your own land. You must never cross a public road and you would never lend out the unit. If this is the case then you can choose not to insure the snowmobile.

If you are off your own land then you must have Public Liability and Property Damage (PLPD) and Accident Benefits coverage. This protects the general public from your accidental, unintentional damage to persons or property. As well, the Accident Benefits coverage is for the medical needs arising out of an accident such as ambulance, physiotherapy, prescriptions, x-rays and such.

If you do not have a lien or lease on the snowmobile then you can choose not to cover physical damage. If something does go wrong, you will be responsible for all the costs including the cost of the repair. This can include the removal of the sled, the cost of the emergency vehicles responding to your accident site as well as replacement or repair of the unit.

Like all winter transportation, you should be aware that the unexpected can happen. Have an emergency kit with you. Even the most experienced rider can be caught in a bad situation. Check the area for avalanche warnings and pay close attention to weather changes.