The defender or the defendant, is any person who is required to answer the complaint of a pursuer or plaintiff in a civil lawsuit that is before a court, or it can be any person who has been formally charged, or accused of violating a criminal statute.

If you are the defendant in a civil action resulting from an automobile accident, or a commercial liability claim, you normally are served a summons to appear in court.

Your defense is the actions of a defendant, and your lawyer counsel. Most often you will not even appear in the courtroom. Your insurance company will handle all aspects of the defense.

It is important that you notify your broker or agent of any legal summons you receive. This paperwork will need to be sent to the insurance company adjuster, as there is a time limit for any response.

You have purchased insurance for the protection that will be offered on your behalf, in the courtroom. Talk to your agent or broker if you have any concerns, and what they cannot help you with, will be referred to your adjuster.