Dead ducks cost Syncrude $3 million

1,600 dead ducks will cost Syncrude Canada $3 million in penalties

That is just the cost of the penalties, what of the bad publicity? The oilsands have suffered terrible publicity since the death of these ducks in a tailings pond.

Ducks are almost as cute as seals and we all know what happening with the seal hunt once the environmentalists got involved. Greenpeace has set their sights on Alberta and now wants to shut down the oilsands project.

The penalties include $300,000 federal levy, $500,000 provincial fine, $900,000 for habitat restoration and another $1.3 million will be spent on research to determine how to keep the birds away from the oil sands operations.

The situation was a result of weather and delays in setting up the preventative equipment. It can be expected that this situation will be watched very closely in the future.