Change those winter tires now

If you are reading this article and winter is past then you need to address your tire situation. Many drivers still have their winter tires on. We can hope that the snow has left us and that we truly are going to see the return of warm weather.

Using winter tires in the summer months can compromise your safe driving. Change those winter tires now.

Sophie Gagnon, CAA-Quebec’s Senior Director of Public and Government Relations stated that tests conducted by the agency show that all-season tires are safer than winter tires in warm weather. Gagnon said that the tests showed that braking distances in emergencies could increase by up to 30% with winter tires. There is also a concern that for evasive action to be successful, speeds had to be much lower than for the same actions with all-season tires. The test car was less stable with the winter tires during the warm weather.

In Quebec last fall new rules were introduced making the use of winter tires mandatory. Now some drivers are not removing the winter tires. This could result in increased fuel consumption and the rubber being worn out more quickly plus the hazard of being less efficient.