Damage to the property of others

Damage covered up to a stated amount of occurrence for an insured who damages another person's property. This is also known as voluntary property damage. There may not be legal liability.

Coverage is included in Section II of the homeowner's policy. There is a stated amount and this amount is not usually subject to a deductible. Each insurance company can have different limits.

A common example of this type of a claim would be: your little dog will not leave the neighbour's car alone. You are constantly bringing the dog home as it sniffs around and sometimes will urinate on the tires. One day the neighbour comes over and says there are little claw-type scratches on the vehicle. These scratches are just the height of your dog. There is no proof that this was your dog's doing. It is likely that this is what has happened. You would contact your insurer and open a voluntary liability claim.

Understand what your insurance policy can do for you in the area of liability. Often this coverage is used more then claims for repair or replacement of your property.

Talk to your agent or broker.