A Canadian Risk Manager (CRM) works to help protect the business from hazards that can cause a claim. This would include the people, the property and the assets of the organization. Risk management looks at the entire situation.

When you consider the possible claims that could occur with your business then you start the process of risk management. The frequency and severity of the loss have to be considered. You need to look at what impact this will have on your short and long term plans.

For the things that can go wrong and would be financially devastating you can consider insurance. This is only one part of the process. You need to consider how to control the problems, reduce the problems and if possible, avoid the problems.

If your agent or broker has this designation then you will receive more expert advice on the choices to deal with risk. Other insurance professionals who could have a CRM designation could include, but is not limited to, an adjuster or an underwriter.

Doing risk management is a good way to bring control to your insurance.