Crime Protection

Crime Protection is what measures that have been taken to help reduce your chance of having a claim. Crime protection will also minimize the overall loss if a crime such as a break-in or robbery does take place.

  • Crime protection could include a fenced yard; bars in the windows; night watchman; front entrance visible to the street; deadbolt locks; breakage resistant glass; a monitored alarm system for intrusion and a system to prevent access through a roof ventilation or air conditioning system. Often a liquor store or high-end clothing store will have posts cemented into the ground to prevent a vehicle being driven into the plate glass storefront for a quick load and get away.

Your agent or broker will need to be kept up-to-date on any changes to your crime protection. If you have an alarm system there are some requirements that you have regarding the maintenance. It is assumed by the insurance company that this system will be in working order. So if you have been informed that the system will be out of order for a period of time then you must contact your agent or broker so it will be noted on your file. If you failed to do so then it could give you a lot of problems if there is a claim up to and including the claim being denied.

Your declaration of a certain level of crime protection may reduce your premium because of the lowered risk. You may want to talk to your broker or agent about other measures you may take to help avoid or control losses. Now you are getting into the aspects of Risk Management. Insurance is only one part of Risk Management.