Crime Alert ID theft stolen truck loads

Montreal group stealing loads through identity theft

Markel Insurance sent out this crime alert in March of 2011.

There is a group operating out of Montreal using stolen trucking company identities to book and then steal loads.

They have used the following phone and fax numbers: 888-349-5937, 438-876-5727, 888-836-5893, 438-876-9575, 888-805-0765, 888-883-5893, 514-631-2786, 514-631-6577

They have used the names STP international and CDL international; however, they will change company names to suit their needs.

The suspects have used the following contact names: Craig, Anthony, Tomas and Giovanni, but have also changed these frequently.

They are using Hotmail and similar email account types and are currently using moc.liamtoh|smetsysocler#moc.liamtoh|smetsysocler.

Be sure to thoroughly screen any carriers before giving up a load to the suspects.