How do you know that crib is safe?

Every parent worries about the safety of their children and in particular, babies. There has been a recall ordered for over 2 million cribs in the United States and 24,000 in Canada.

There have been four suffocation deaths of infants in the United States that have been blamed on Stork Craft cribs, produced by the Richmond, B. C. based company Stork Craft Manufacturing Inc.

There is now a new recall over concern about possible malfunctions of the drop side cribs. This recall includes:

  • Dorel Distribution Canada
  • Ipsis Inc.
  • Delta Enterprise Corp.
  • Simmons Juvenile Products
  • Million Dollar Baby

At this point there are no reported injuries for this latest recall group but there have been reported crib malfunctions.

How does a drop side crib malfunction? First off, there is the risk of broken or damaged hardware. If the drop side detaches the it creates a space between the side of the crib and the mattress. Babies move around quite a bit and can end up stuck in this gap.

The result is a baby falling from the crib, suffocation or strangulation. Please take the time to check out the link shown under the "See Also" below which gives some very useful information about crib safety.

The insurance answer for the manufacturers of these units is product recall insurance. This covers the costs of recalling the products and disposing of the the recalled products including brand removal.

It is very likely that the families of babies that have been injured or killed by faulty products have been financially compensated by the manufacturer. What price a child's life? This is why the government steps with consumer protection and orders a recall.