Canada climate change claims

Canada had some severe weather claims in 2009 that costs billions of dollars. Is this climate change?

In December the experts at the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen stated that this is a global problem. With 224 out of 245 international disasters being weather related to the tune of $15 billion there is concern about how this can be minimized.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has provided some examples:

  • Alberta windstorms with hail frosting the beginning of August resulted in $365 million paid out for insurance claims.
  • Ottawa and Hamilton, Ontario rainstorms with torrential rains in late July totaled $196 million in insurance claims. The people had to deal with fallen trees, damaged roofs, sewer backup and power outages.
  • Vaughan, Ontario tornadoes on August 20 hit the Greater Toronto area with insurance claims in excess of $76 million.

It is a good thing that "Acts of God" such as windstorm, hail, sewer backups, damaged buildings from falling trees and tornadoes can be covered by insurance.