Contact lens hurting eyes?

The news has recently reported a difficult situation for contact lens maker, Bausch & Lomb. They have had to deal with a recall of a lens cleaner.

There have been over 600 fungal-infection lawsuits settled. There are still claims to be resolved. The price tag so far is over $250 million USD.

Unfortunately, there are more than 700 lens wearers in Asia and the United States that say they were exposed to Fusarium Keratitis, a potentially blinding infection. This exposure is a result of using ReNu with MoistureLoc. This a multipurpose solution for cleaning, moistening and storing soft contact lenses.

It is said to say that in some cases, the damage was irreparable. In Florida, New York, Maryland, West Virgina and Oregon a total of seven people had to have an eye removed. Some 60 more, needed vision-saving corneal transplants.

One of the settlements reached out of court, was a case brought by Andrea Martin. Martin is a well-known Broadway actress and comedienne. Martin suffered scarring to her eye. A Colorado race car driver's career ended with a corneal transplant. A chimney-sweep business owner who lost an eye, became addicted to the medication he required to deal with the pain.

At this point, Bausch & Lomb has been able to deal with the cases out of court. The insurance answer would be a response for the recall expenses, to the limit of the policy coverage. The settlements would likely exceed the insurance coverages, but legal costs for the negotiations might be within the coverage of the policies.