Will injury limit be enough?

There is concern about the new injury limit in Ontario. Ontario has revised limitations on payouts for certain types of injury.

Views differ on whether on not this will be an effective way to control costs. There is some concern that people will not be able to do sufficient rehabilitation after an accident, due to the lack of cash. The trauma of dealing with an injury is further added to while facing a lawsuit.

Ontario auto insurers lost approximately $400 million last year. Ontario is also known as having the highest premiums in Canada, even ahead of Alberta.

The cost of rehabilitation can be extensive. This is another situation that we will be watching at Turner's Tips to see how it develops.

The President of the Insurance Bureau of Canada Don Forgeron, has pointed out that many other provinces have lower accident benefit limits then Ontario. The provinces with the lower limits seem to have quicker recovery times.

There is a belief that simple fractures, strain and sprain injuries should be able to be resolved within the $25,000 in treatments. The concern is that Ontario drivers are paying at least 25% more for their auto insurance then others in Canada.

What do you think about this situation? Have you ever been in an accident and used the Accident Benefit portion of your policy? Let us know by posting to our Forum.