Computer and electronic product recall

Alert - due to recent changes Turners Tips is giving you the control to seek out information on the products that you are concerned might be affected by a recall. Listed below is the Health Canada Product recall website. Check it out for the most recent updates on recalls. Contact us if you have further questions or concerns about this change.

Turners Tips is providing the product recall information from Health Canada. This is to give you what you need to know, particularly if what you have purchased is substandard. There is often a free repair or replacement available. Often this is not publicized and you do not know that this is even available. We hare here to change this lack of information.

We ask you to help. If you know of a defective product then let us know. We will be glad to bring it to the attention of the authorities and get something done to rectify the situation. You have spent hard-earned dollars on what you have purchased. You should be assured that the quality is there.

Yes, our main interest is insurance. Do understand that companies that manufacture, import or retail products to the general public have the opportunity to buy product recall insurance. If there is injury to a person or costs that occur due to a product recall then it is a choice to insure for this financial impact.

Do let us know if you are aware of a product recall that we have not reported. Together we can make a difference.