Comprehensive General Liability

Comprehensive general liability (CGL) is the most basic part of commercial insurance. It would be very unusual if you did not purchase liability coverage. If you did not it would be because you had coverage in a master policy. In this case you might only purchase coverage for contents, equipment and stock. This does not happen often.

The CGL is for liability claims (where you have proven to be negligent) of bodily injury or property damage. This is what pays when you have an accident on your premises or at your customer's location.

If you are visiting a client and knock down a valuable vase, this could come under liability. If the customer while visiting you, trips on a rug that you know is slippery then again, this could come under liability.

Part of the CGL is for legal fees. It is usual that the lawyer's fees are above and beyond the amount you have purchased for liability.

What is not covered in this policy is an error or omission-type (E&O) claim in relation to the delivery of your professional services. If your work is training people to do a specific type of work then you would likely need E&O insurance for the training aspect of your work.

Talk to your agent or broker. Be sure that you have asked the questions and understand the answers to determine the best way for your insurance to be set up. Take control of your insurance.