This is the best coverage available on your personal property. There is normally three levels of insurance you can buy and comprehensive is the top form. Of course, there are add-ons to this package but Turners Tips recommends you always start with the comprehensive form.

An example is the person who has the comprehensive coverage would find the claims under his policy are for all risks of direct physical loss or damage excluding certain named perils. Extras would be items such as earthquakes or floods.

This same person who chose the standard form of coverage will find his policy wording listing only the types of losses that are insured. If it does not specifically say that something has insurance then it will not pay. An example of a claim that will pay is fire. An example of a claim that will not is collapse of roof due to weight of ice or snow.

Comprehensive also refers to auto insurance. This will cover such items as fire, theft, vandalism, impact with an animal, etc. It does not include collision or upset.

Turners Tips recommends that you take control of your insurance. Know what you have and why you have it.