Company can refer to your company or your business. In most insurance wordings you will find company is referencing the insurance company. This company can be regional, Canada-wide, North American or worldwide in nature.

The insurance company can be represented by an agent or a broker. The company may not have a "middle-man" and could be reached directly by online or a call center.

The products sold by the company can include auto, business, life, health, disability, GICs, annuities or even travel insurance. The insurance companies are strictly regulated to be sure that there is always an adequate reserve to pay possible claims.

Like everything else in insurance, no two companies are exactly alike. Each insurance company has specific policy wordings] and will choose to exclude certain items and include others. As well, the different coverages can be expanded to make one company superior in that one area.

It is very important that you have an open and honest conversation with your agent or broker to best choose the insurance company to suit your needs. If you are choosing to shop online or use a phone center then be sure to do your background research.