Commercial Lines

This section of insurance is for businesses, institutions, volunteer groups, organizations, governmental agencies, and other commercial establishments.

Insurance is particular about when it will pay a claim. If you have a business then the business insurance will respond to any claims in regards to that operation. The only time the home insurance might respond would be if you had a home-based business and added that coverage to the home policy.

Some insurance companies are now giving some liability coverage for volunteer work you may do. Check with your agent or broker to see if this applies to your home insurance.

Commercial insurance is not limited to your property or actions it also can be necessary for your auto. If the vehicles are used in your business you will need to review this with your broker or agent. Some businesses will require bonds or other specialty-types of insurance.

A frank and open discussion with your agent or broker will help you determine what coverage you need to consider. You can use the principles of Risk Management to help you evaluate how your will protect your assets and possible liabilities.