Commercial Auto Insurance

You purchase this policy to protect your business in the event of injury, theft, accident, or other damages involving business vehicles . This coverage includes the business staff while driving those insured company vehicles. It also is for when driving their own vehicles or rented vehicles for business purposes.

There are a different coverages for commercial autos. It depends on your particular use of your vehicles and who owns these vehicles. The delivery truck pays different rates then the contractor going to the job site carrying his tools.

Commercial auto insurance can include long haul trucking. The loads that are carried, where they are carried, the trucks themselves and the drivers all affect the rating. There can be concerns about traveling over 500 km as well as inter-provincial and U.S.A. exposure. Some trucks carry hazardous goods, livestock or even explosives.

The driver training for long haul trucking is very important. More claims result from driver inexperience then any other area. Be sure to have an active Risk Management program to address safety, training and claims procedures.

If you have five or more vehicles you may qualify for fleet insurance - this provides discounts not normally available and a different method of rating after a claim.

Due to the complexity of commercial auto insurance you should take extra time to be sure your agent or broker understands your operation. Be sure to follow all safety regulations and report any changes in drivers or use immediately to your agent, broker or insurer.