Cold weather increases risk heart attack

It's just not fair! Not only does the cold weather mess up a perfectly good fall or spring but it increases your risk of heart attack. A recent study by British researchers have found that even one degree centigrade can make a difference.

For those above the 49th Parallel it is important that people with heart conditions should wear layers in the winter and provide adequate heat for their homes. It is estimated that a drop of one degree in centigrade can lead to 200 extra heart attacks a day.

The good thing is that prevention is often common sense. When it gets cold then people need to wear extra clothing. You should spend less time outdoors. It is important to properly heat your home, especially if you are elderly because you are more at risk.

People between the ages of 75 and 84 and those with heart disease are the most vulnerable to cold weather. People who have been taking Aspirin for a long time are less vulnerable.

Sudden temperature drops in the summer heat can also affect this high risk group. The report was published in the British Medical Journal.