Do you like coffee at work?

A survey commissioned jointly by Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder®, found that a cup of coffee helps to keep workers, particularly younger employees - productive and energetic.

The results show 32% of workers stated they need coffee to get through the workday. Fully 43% of coffee drinkers reported they are less productive if they don’t drink coffee while on the job. The survey was conducted from August 17 to September 2, 2010, and included more than 3,600 workers in the United States.

According to the results, the professions with the highest proportions of workers stating they are less productive without coffee vary widely. Those who need coffee the most are:

1) Nurses
2) Physicians
3) Hotel workers
4) Designers/Architects
5) Financial/Insurance sales representatives
6) Food preparers
7) Engineers
8) Teachers
9) Marketing/Public Relations professionals
10) Scientists
11) Machine operators
12) Government workers

The survey also revealed the following about coffee and the workplace:

  • Working professionals need coffee to perk up. More than two-in-five American workers claim they are less productive without coffee. Geographically, workers in the Northeast U.S. stated they are the most dependent on coffee, with 48% of people claiming they are less productive without coffee, compared to the South at 45%, West at 44% and Midwest at 34%.
  • Younger workers more dependent on coffee fix. Of the workers aged 18 to 24 40% admit they can’t concentrate as well without coffee. When questioned, 43% of the workers aged 18 to 34 stated they have lower energy if they don’t drink coffee.
  • Results show 37% of workers will drink two or more cups of coffee during their workday.
  • It is 75% of the workers who buy their coffee during the workday and only travel a quarter mile or less to make their purchase.
  • The survey showed that 24% of workers aged 18 to 34 will buy coffee as a way to treat themselves for a job well done.

"Today’s workforce is working longer hours and shouldering heavier workloads," said Richard Castellini, Chief Marketing Officer at CareerBuilder. "The survey shows having an extra energy boost in the morning and throughout the day may be helping productivity levels."