Clothing and accessories product recall

Alert - Turners Tips is now providing you with the direct link to Health Canada product recalls. It is not possible to guarantee that all current recalls will be posted so we are giving you the control. What are you concerned about? Check it out at the website shown below.

Turners Tips is providing the most current product recall alerts because we have a commitment to your safety. We maintain that the best way to prevent high insurance costs is to reduce claims. This section of our website is to help you keep you informed about defective products that you may use in your home or business.

Clothing and accessories often are recalled due to flammability concerns, particularly for young children. Few situations could be more horrifying than a small child burning due to an article of clothing that does not meet our health and safety standards.

Yes, if this happened then you would likely enter a lawsuit against the company that either manufactured, imported, distributed or retailed that particular item. These companies would have bodily injury coverage under their Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies and though they may have a large deductible to absorb, should have the necessary resources to respond to a claim.

We prefer for the situation not to happen and so we ask if you are aware of a defective product that should be added to our alerts, do let us know. Together we can make a difference.