Cleaner and degreaser recall

Cleaner and Degreaser Products by Savon Roby Inc. recalled

On September 9 2010 Health Canada recalled several brands of cleaners and degreasing products distributed by Savon Roby Inc.

The following are the products that are on the recall list:

  • Clear Vision Glass and Fireplace Cleaner 500 mL. This is in a white plastic container with a white cap.
  • Renaissance Bath, Wash-hand Basin, Bowl and Urinal Cleaner 1L and 4L. This is in white plastic containers with white caps.
  • L'imbattable Cleaner Degreaser 1L. This is a white plastic container with white cap.

What is the danger?

Health Canada audits products and this process has revealed that these products do not have the necessary labelling and child-resistant closures, as required by Canadian law.

The products currently have warnings that are suitable for workplace use only. The current warnngs do not fulfill the regulatory requirements in place to educate Canadian consumers about the hazards associated with consumer chemical products. Not having child-resistant caps and appropriate warning labels could result in serious illnesses or injuries.

At time of the recall neither Health Canada nor Savon Roby Inc. has received reports of incidents or injuries to Canadians related to the use of these products.

What do I do?

You should stop using the recalled products and dispose of them as per Municipal Hazardous Waste Guidelines. If you need information on how to dispose, please contact either your local municipality or Savon Roby Inc. through their customer at 1-819-846-3063.

How many of these have been sold and where?

About 3,600 of the recalled products were sold in Quebec at Les agences R.Coutu (Clear Vision=3400), Centre du VR Leisure Days (L'imbattable=144), and Distribution Daki 2008(Renaissance=68). The products were sold from June 2009 to June 2010.
This product was manufactured in Canada. The importer is Savon Roby Inc. of Sherbrooke, Quebec