Claim Fairness

What is claim fairness? This is not total satisfaction but reaching a level where you would expect to be treated fairly in a claim situation. If for some reason you do not receive what you consider to be fair treatment then you need to contact your agent or broker.

A broker does not have the right to adjudicate in a claim. A broker or agent can help you in your negotiations with the insurer if you have a problem. Often all that is needed is better communication.

An example of this type of situation is when you are not happy with the amount of money you have been offered for a stolen vehicle. If you have sent pictures of your vehicle to your broker then the broker could send these on to the appraiser. The appraiser is the one who advises the insurance adjuster about what value should be paid. Another example would be the broker suggesting to the adjuster that waiving a deductible or covering some storage fees might be what it takes to resolve a situation.

It is hoped that you achieve claim fairness directly in your dealings with your insurance company. If you do not then do get in touch with your agent or broker to see if they can help.