Claim & Experience

A broker will tell a client, "you need a claims and experience letter". What is this all about?

A claim and experience letter can be required by an insurance company underwriter when attempting to establish a driving history for a person.

When the underwriter is rating the automobile application part of the process is to check the Autoplus. This is a record of your insurance from the very first policy you purchased. It records driver, vehicle and accident information in relation to your driver's license.

Often the Autoplus will have a gap in coverage or the information has not been kept up-to-date by the insurer. To fill the gap or to correct information you may be required to request a claim and experience letter from a prior insurer. You do keep this information in your insurance file as it may be required again at a future date.

The process is that you, as the insured, must sign a request specially stating information for a certain period of insurance. Due to privacy concerns this usually has to be signed by all the drivers who may be listed on that policy even if you are the only driver needing the information. That being said, if this is a divorce situation or some special circumstance then discuss it with your broker.

You send this request to your prior broker who will then forward it on to the insurance company. If you wish to have the information sent to you directly or to be forwarded to a new broker then just put it on the request. If you have moved from a prior location then be sure to show your current address.

Your agent or broker should help you get this done. It can be that your rate will be higher until the information is provided so speed may be of some importance to you. Be sure you ask and understand how this might apply to your situation.