Civil Authority

Civil authority is the local police force where you live. It can also be town constables or other authority that is not of military nature.

Civil authority may order a mass evacuation in a situation such as a sour gas well blowout, a chemical spill or during the course of a riot. Your property policy has coverage for your emergency necessary relocation. There is usually a limit to this coverage such as two weeks. As well, the funds are available for like kind and quality. So don't expect to stay at the Ritz with room service the whole time unless your home is a very high-end model.

What would you need if you were ordered out of your home for a two week period? Is your policy giving you that necessary coverage? Talk to your agent or broker about your options to suit your needs.

Remember, whether it be your business or home insurance you need to take control. Know what you have and more importantly, what you do not have for a possible insurance claim.