The designation CIP stands for a Chartered Insurance Professional. This is proof that the agent or broker has completed a course of education to develop their skills to a higher standard than required by basic licensing.

This designation can be earned by an agent, broker or an employee of an insurance company. The underwriter may have gained this designation and would be able to use it if changed employment from the insurance company to a brokerage or agency. As well, the agent or broker could continue to use this designation if they were to go to work for the insurance company.

Talk to your agent or broker if you have any questions about their knowledge base for your type of business. It could be that there is an in-office specialist who would be better able to help you.

A broker or agent with the CIP designation is held to a higher standard in their duty to serve you. Take control of your insurance. Turners Tips reminds you that you choose where to buy your insurance and you can ask all the questions you want to get the information you need.