Christmas LED lights recalled

On December 2, 2010 Health Canada recalled the Holiday LED Light Strings by Home Accents Holiday & Martha Stewart Living. This is "not a good thing".

The recall involves all 2010 Holiday LED light strings by Home Accents Holiday & Martha Stewart Living sold by The Home Depot Canada stores. Check the model numbers as shown below that are found on the boxes of the lights:

All Home Accent Holiday LED String Lights

1000673901, 1000673855, 1000673903, 1000673904, 1000673870, 1000673892, 1000673721, 1000673878, 1000673723, 1000673715, 1000674121, 1000673720, 1000673719, 1000674120, 1000673908, 1000673713, 1000673722, 1000673863, 1000673880, 1000674122, 1000673902, 1000673718, 1000674123, and 1000673887.

All Martha Stewart Holiday LED String Lights

1000673909, 1000673753, 1000673717, 1000673724, 1000673735, 1000673843, 1000673847, 1000673725, 1000673849, 1000673748, 1000673906, 1000673889, 1000673852, 1000673875, and 1000673885.

The model number that appeared on the product is LED-PLE-18NC-XX-Z-YY, where the XX stands for the number of bulbs, the Z for colour and the XX (between 2 and 5 alpha-numerical characters) denotes the decorative outfit, which is marked on a white label attached to the female end of the power cord. The CSA International file number 77218 is identified on a red label attached to the string's male plug cap.

This recall does not affect other holiday products sold under the Home Accents or Martha Stewart brands.

What is the danger?

These recalled string lights may have exposed wires, posing a shock or fire hazard. The light string's designs and models were not manufactured in accordance with CSA International requirements.

Home Depot of Canada Inc. has received one reported incident of exposed wiring.

At time of the recall Health Canada has not received any reports of incidents or injuries related to the use of these products.

What do I do?

You should immediately discontinue using the products and return them to your local Home Depot store for a full refund.

How many of these were sold and where?

Approximately 165,872 of the recalled products were sold at The Home Depot Canada stores across Canada from October 1, 2010 to November 18, 2010.

These light strings were manufactured in China. The importer is The Home Depot of Canada Inc. of Toronto, Ontario.