How do I protect the children?

Are my children safe? I want to enroll them in different team sports but I am worried. There are news stories all the time about predators hurting children when they are participating in organized sports.

The horror of molestation or sexual abuse scares me. We read about famous sports people who have gone through this and only now are they speaking out about their past experiences. What is a parent to do? Of course, you check the situation out and follow your "gut feeling" but what else is being done?

Insurance help

Yes, insurance is actually doing something to help. Sports organizations have to purchase insurance coverage. The prudent insurance broker or agent will discuss the need for coverage regarding molestation or sexual abuse. This is a concern whenever you have people at risk from the young to the very elderly. The common factor here is that they are vulnerable.

Insurance companies address this concern but an in-depth examination of the organization. The selection process of volunteers including reference and criminal record checks are just the beginning. There are procedures required to be enforced including that children are never alone with a single adult, male or female. There is follow-up on the management of the organization with a strong focus on protection.

Volunteer organizations have also established a protocol with the assistance of insurance advisory boards. So if you are getting your children involved in an organization then don't hesitate to ask questions about their vetting process. You need to know that the children are safe.