Toy and game for children product recall

Alert - Turners Tips is giving you the information for your control on product recalls. We will no longer post updated recalls on this site. Instead you can look up the items that might affect you and your family. This is too important to take a chance that we might miss advising you of something you need to know. Check out the website shown below.

Turners Tips is presenting recalls for Canadian products. On occasion you will see a joint recall that is Canada/United States and often this product has had a wide distribution.

We know that safety, particularly the safety of our children and grandchildren is a big concern for people in Canada. Often you are unaware that a product has been recalled. This website topic is how we are helping share the product recall information.

Yes, manufacturers, retailers and importers can purchase product recall insurance. There is insurance for if a person is hurt by the use of a product. Does every company purchase this type of commercial liability policy? Some will chose self-insurance and do excellent risk management including quality and safety controls. Like you, the consumer, business has to take control of the type of insurance they purchase and choose what is necessary for their business to maintain the reputation and on-going financial stability that is necessary to be successful.