The Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy is a standard form of liability insurance developed for use in the business sector. It is usually contained in a broader mercantile policy also covering business interruption and property loss.

A CGL cn be a straight-forward liability policy that is purchased to cover your possible negligence for property damage or bodily injury during your operations. You may not need tools, equipment, business interruption, crime or other coverages. You do not have to buy these extra coverages if you do not want them.

It is important that you understand the options available for your business insurance. Not all policies are alike. Your needs could fit under a package-type policy or may have to be customized. Talk to your agent or broker.

Turners Tips wants you to remember that you control your insurance. Ask the questions and know what you chose not to insure. You need to discuss your risk management strategy with your adviser to best place the insurance for your particular needs.

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