A casualty is an accident, occurrence, or event for the person or entity to whom it happens. This is a general term applied to insurance coverages for an accident, occurrence, or event.

This is a type of insurance is concerned with the legal liability resulting in claim(s) for loss caused by damage to property or injury to others. It can also be for losses which occur when an accident involves your property or actions which cause damage or injury to someone else.

This type of insurance policy is written with property to cover loss or damage claims that are the direct result of an unexpected accident(s). This is usually not directly concerned with life
insurance, fire insurance or automobile insurance.

Usually the casualty portion of the insurance concerns the burglary, glass, crime, liability and may have some Surety or Fidelity.

When you are dealing with a general insurance broker or agent you will be talking about Property and Casualty insurance. Ask questions. Take control and know what coverage you do not have as well as what claims will be paid if there is a loss.