Careless Smoking

Careless smoking can start a fire. This negligent act is part of your coverage for your property policy. There is some risk management techniques you can use to help prevent this from happening if you still smoke inside your home.

Examples of things you can do to prevent a fire from careless smoking include:

  • Not smoking in bed;
  • Replace old mattresses;
  • Use a large ashtray for safety;
  • Empty an ashtray into a fire safe container;
  • Always put an ashtray on a stable surface;
  • Do not leave your smoking material unattended;
  • Install plenty of smoke alarms and check the batteries;
  • Plan an escape route in case of a house fire; and
  • If you are feeling sleepy then put out that cigar or cigarette or remember, don't smoke in bed.

Careless smoking is still one of the main causes of a house fire. Turners Tips wishes to remind you that the best way to save money on insurance is not to have a claim. You will not pay a deductible and you will not lose your claims-free discount if you prevent fires from happening.