I hit my house will car insurance pay?

Car and house insurance question

If I hit my own house, will my car insurance pay? This was recently asked on our Forum by Ellen G. We at TurnersTips thought this was a great question.

The situation is that you are driving into your garage (or backing out) and you hit your own house. Will your car insurance pay for the damage to your vehicle? Will the house insurance step up for the repairs needed to the house?

Is this a valid insurance claim?

The first thing you do in this situation is call your insurance agent or broker. Report the claim(s). In this situation you would have a claim for the repairs to the vehicle (auto insurance) and to the house (home insurance).

Your policy(s) will be examined to determine if you have coverage. The policies differ in what is offered. Let's look at the claims separately.

Car accident claim

  • The policy will be reviewed to determine if you have a policy that is current. A current policy means that you have paid your premiums and is not canceled or lapsed.
  • Did you receive an injury when you had the collision? If so then you do have Accident Benefits coverage for immediate medical expenses which would include prescriptions, chiropractic, ambulance, lost wages, etc.
  • Do you carry All Perils or Collision insurance? If you do then you have a claim for the damages to the vehicle.
  • Do you have Loss of Use? If so then you will have a paid rental vehicle while yours is under repair. You will likely have to provide a credit card to the rental company even though it will be billed to the insurer.
  • Did your vehicle have to be towed? The insurance company should pay any towing costs.
  • The adjuster/examiner will contact you. An appraisal will be required. An appraiser may come to see the vehicle or you might take it to at least one repair shop for an estimate. The appraisal will be reviewed by the adjuster and a decision will be made to either repair or write off.
  • You will be required to pay your deductible to the repair shop. This is your share of any loss. The insurance company pays the difference.
  • This will be regarded as an at-fault claim and can affect your driving record.

House damage claim

  • The policy will be reviewed to determine if you have a policy that is current. As in the auto situation show above, this is a check to be sure your policy has not been canceled or lapsed.
  • Your claim will be assigned to an adjuster/examiner who will contact you.
  • If you have your auto insurance and your home insurance with the same insurance company then you may be able to negotiate only one deductible for both claims. Talk to your agent or broker about this request. The broker may make the request on your behalf.
  • Is the damage and/or repair work serious enough to affect the quality of life for the people living in the house? If it is then you may need to use some additional living expense coverage to temporarily relocate. Once the damage has been repair you move back to the house.
  • Was there property destroyed other then the house? If so then you need to complete a form provided by the adjuster. this form is very important in that you must be as accurate as possible in regards to values. This is an area where there can be serious implications resulting in a claim being denied and people even being charged for fraud. So discuss this carefully with your adjuster or appraiser if you have any questions.
  • This will be regarded as a claim and can affect your claims-free discount.

Car backing up has to yield

Something to remember. If you are backing up your vehicle then you have to yield to on-coming traffic. You will be found to be at-fault if you hit something when you are in reverse.

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