Car crash high risk locations

Where do you think there would be greatest risk of having a car crash? Near a pub or down the road from a popular park?

A study released by Quality Planning Corporation (QPC) looked at where you live and what's close to your home. The most likely neighboring business or organization to increase your having an accident is a restaurant. The statistics below give you an idea of how much it affects your chance of getting into a crash within a mile from your home:

  • 30% - Restaurant
  • 26% - Grocery store
  • 26% - Elementary or secondary school
  • 25% - Bank
  • 23% - Car dealership
  • 22% - Gas station
  • 18% - Liquor store
  • 11% - Racetrack or amusement park
  • 5% - Hotel, motel, resort or spa
  • 4% - National park or forest
  • 3% - Local or community park
  • 2% - Airport
  • 1%- Doctor’s office or clinic
  • -10% - Religious institution (church)

This is an interesting concept. As a realtor will say, "location, location, location". When buying a home it is certainly something to consider. As most of us live close to some or all of the higher percentage items then it is a good thing to remember that you have some daily risk factors to consider.