Have you been hurt in a car crash?

Injured in a car accident?

If you have been injured in an automobile accident in Alberta, you are entitled to accident benefits coverage regardless of whether you were at fault for the accident. The benefits you receive depend on the type of injury you have:

  • If your injury is a sprain, strain or a whiplash associated with disorder I or II, your primary health care practitioner (chiropractor, medical doctor or physical therapist) does not have to seek approval of the insurer for payment for treatment of these injuries if you provide notice of your claim and choose to follow the protocols. Your primary health care practitioner will be able to bill the automobile insurer for all treatment services outlined in the "Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols" that are not covered by Alberta Health Care Insurance. These protocols have been developed in consultation with primary health care practitioners and are based on the best research and evidence currently available.
  • For all other injuries:

A) Submit receipts for eligible expenses not covered by Alberta Health Care Insurance to your extended health care benefits coverage provider (e.g. Blue Cross, health spending account or similar extended health care benefits plan) for reimbursement.

B) If the following applies you may submit invoices for eligible expenses to your automobile insurer for payment.
- You do not have extended health care benefits coverage.
- Your extended health care benefits coverage is exhausted.
- Your extended health care benefits coverage does not meet the full cost of eligible expenses.

If you do have some form of coverage but it has a set limit then keep track of what that limit is. When you have used up all her health care coverage then the insurance company will step in.

Yes, this means that you could find yourself without extra needed benefits after an accident has occurred for other non-related to the accident medical needs but it is how the system works. If you have any questions about the limits for different areas you need to discuss this fully with your adjuster. The whole idea of the accident benefits medical help is to get you back to your normal condition as quickly as possible.