I think insurance value is wrong

So you don't agree with the value that has been set for your vehicle? Or is it the amount of damage that is going to be repaired after the car crash? Do you think the appraiser made a mistake?

You would have spoken to the adjuster trying to get the answer you want. When that didn't work you likely talked to your broker or agent to see if they could help you in communicating your needs better to the insurance company. When all this has failed then you need to consider your options.

There are certain ways that the insurance companies deal with disagreements and dispute resolution. Here are the choices that you have open to try:

  • When the amount of damage to your vehicle is being disputed, or other disagreements arise over your vehicle’s repair, and all attempts to negotiate have failed, a formal arbitration process is open to you.
  • Understand that If you choose to follow this procedure, you will be responsible for your share of the cost involved.
  • If you want to start the appraisal procedure, submit a proof of loss claim form available from your insurer and send a written request to your insurance company.
  • This will result in a three-member group will be set up to resolve the dispute. You choose an appraiser, your insurance company chooses one, and the two appraisers appoint an umpire. An appraiser can be anyone either party considers to be qualified to present its side of the dispute. Each side pays for its own appraiser and half the cost of the umpire. The decision of any two of these three people is binding.