Cancellation is the termination of a policy in force by a voluntary act of the insured or insurer. Either you or the insurer may terminate coverage according to provisions in the contract.

If you have been canceled then the company has a duty to advise you of the lack of coverage. If you use an agent or broker, they are required to inform you and advise that you can seek alternate coverage.

If you have received a notice of cancellation then you cannot use the liability card provided to prove your insurance. This would be a criminal act.

When a policy is canceled whether it is automobile, home or a business then any interested party such as a mortgage holder, lien holder, lease holder, additional named insured or loss payable would also receive a notice of cancellation. This is to protect their interest in the item.

Be aware that once that cancel is issued it will be in effect at 12:01 a.m. that day. You cannot drive your vehicle to the insurance office to replace the insurance. Your home will not have fire protection in a claim. It is very important that you address this as quickly as possible. Take control of your insurance.