Criminal Intent

Insurance does not pay criminals

In regards to most types of insurance a criminal act, intentional act or failure to act by either the person who owns the insurance or a person directed to act by the owner of insurance is not insurable.

You cannot hire someone to steal your car and then collect on the insurance. You cannot burn down your home and then expect to collect insurance. You cannot deliberately push someone down the stairs, break their leg and expect insurance to cover a lawsuit. For most insurance to be in effect the damage or loss has to be the result of an unintentional act.

As with most of insurance there always seems to be some sort of exception or exclusion. In this case the Employment Practices Liability (EPL) is one area where an intentional or deliberate act might have insurance coverage when a claim is presented. In a Human Rights Commission case where wrongful dismissal, sexual harrassment or other such charges might be brought against an employer there is a special form of insurance that might apply.

Even with this type of insurance there would not be coverage for any award that was given to the wronged party in the courtroom. This coverage is strictly for the often quite large legal costs. Legal counsel should be consulted if you need to know more about this specific type of insurance.

Consult with your agent or broker for clarification on this or any other topic on this website.