Insurance quote needed for learner?

Do I need a new insurance quote for a learner?

My child has now got their learner's license. Do I need to get a new insurance quote? How much more will this cost me?

This is one time when an underage driver is not going to cost you more money. There is no need to even mention this to your broker or agent when they get a learners permit. Once they are a licensed driver with a full license then you should advise your agent or insurance broker.

The information you will need to provide includes the child's full name, date of birth, driver's license and a copy of the driver training certificate if applicable. You will need to declare which vehicle the child will drive and how often will be the use.

It is important that you keep your insurance policy up-to-date with any changes of drivers or use of the vehicles. There can be an increase in premium due to the additional driver. You may want to have a new insurance quote done to confirm that you still are getting the best pricing for your circumstances. Talk to your agent or broker.