Can Facebook Information Be Used In Court?

B.C. woman's Facebook info used in court

Facebook photos have been used in a court case to show that a Vancouver woman's claims of being unable to enjoy her favourite activities was untrue.

You need to be careful what you post on social networking sites as the information can be used against you in a legal proceeding or a criminal investigation.

This is not limited to Facebook and legal issues. The sites that you have can and will be accessed by future employers.

In this specific case there were photos of Mirae Mayenburg showing her cycling and hiking. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) presented this as evidence against Mayenburg's claim that her injuries prevent her from dancing, hiking and cycling.

The award she received from B.C.Supreme Court Justice Elliott Myers of more than $50,000 was based on the fact that her injuries did not prevent her from enjoying former activities and only had a minimal effect on her lifestyle.

Not only will the insurance companies be checking Facebook for evidence to use in personal injury claims. The police check Facebook for suspects and look for connections between known criminals.

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