Call Centre


A call centre is a central-type office used for the purpose of sending and receiving a large number of requests by telephone. This type of office can also be known as a contact centre.

A call centre can be operated by a company to sell insurance, handle claims and provide customer support. It is usual for a supervisor to monitor the volume of calls received and the employees or agents can be regulated for the time spent on calls and the amount of premium generated. This might limit the depth of the service you receive as calls may be limited to a certain amount of time.

A call centre may be set up to process claims and assign claims to an independent adjuster. This can increase efficiency but may cause less of a personal-type of service.

A call centre would be an example of a direct writer type of insurance agent. The premium may be less if you do not pay commission to a broker or agent. This is similar to online insurance.

Ask questions to take control of your insurance. If you do not have an agent or broker then it is up to you to determine what you might be missing for coverage or if you have more than your require.