By-Law Definition

By-Laws can dictate the type of building materials to be used in repair or replacement after a claim. This could result in a building needing more stairwells, exits, alarms or higher degree of fire resistive building materials. If a building is older then this becomes of great importance to providing enough coverage for reconstruction.

When a location is rezoned then this is part of the municipal regulations. You will have some difficulty amending this and often will find that you cannot change the zoning once it has been revised.

The insurance answer

Most comprehensive homeowner policies will include some coverage for by-laws. You need to determine if you need more for your particular situation. What is happening in your neighborhood with zoning reconstruction?

Your business location can also be affected by by-laws. Make sure you keep your commercial insurance policy up-to-date by reviewing on a regular basis with your insurance broker or agent. Turners Tips always recommends that you take control of your insurance.