Points to consider for travel insurance

What could be paid by travel insurance? Airfare for a family member to be with you during your hospital stay, x-ray costs, prescriptions, nursing costs, dental - accidental injury and treatment only, transport to get you home to your local provincial hospital, and return of your body if you are deceased.

You need to think about what you might need. This insurance can also include lost and/or delayed baggage coverage (your home insurance policy is limited usually to a payout of $500). If you need at least one good outfit of clothing and you cannot carry it onto the plane then this could be important to you.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption, are also often purchased through your insurance agent or broker. It can also be purchased from the travel agent. You can check your options on-line, to see what travel insurance is available.

There can be a time limit between booking your trip and placing the trip cancellation or interruption insurance, so be sure to confirm your situation. Under what circumstances will your insurance refund your ticket price if you cancel your trip?

Do you want a one-time, short-trip policy? A person can purchase a travel insurance policy, which will be effective for anywhere from one day to one year. There are packages available which include family rates.

Multi-trip policies are for a set amount of days, that can be used repeatedly over the one year term of the insurance. Some credit card companies offer free travel insurance. Some group plan benefits include travel insurance. What limits are there on yours? You may want to add some coverage.

Do you or your spouse have a pre-existing condition? This can take away the coverage you just paid for. Find out exactly what could happen if you have a heart condition and have a heart attack.

It is best to discuss your particular situation over with your agent or broker, to help determine which travel insurance plan suits you best.