Business Insurance

Insurance covering the business, such as a retail store would cover its stock, its fixtures, its business-interruption insurance and liability for bodily injury or property damage plus crime coverages. You can have a home-based business and include coverage under your homeowner policy but it will have limitations and conditions.

Your business insurance should be reviewed on a regular basis. You need to be sure to have accurate values for your stock, contents, furniture, equipment and building. The lease needs to be examined for extensions of liability. You may be responsible for items including storefront glass, damage to building due to theft and signs.

Extensions such as flood, sewer backup, valuable papers and records, extra expense, profits, actual loss sustained, lock replacement can often be purchased at a very nominal cost or on packages.

Key person life insurance or income replacement for your important employees can be purchased in case of death or disability.

Implement a good safety program which will help prevent Slip and Fall incidents and contribute to your overall bottom line but reducing claims. A business that is well-run has happier and more productive employees and less claims.