Burglary is entering a building unlawfully with intent to commit a felony or to steal valuable property. If your property is stolen as a result of burglary you will have a claim for your insurance company.

You need to notify the police right away. Do not touch anything until you are given the go ahead by the local authority. This is because there may be evidence obtained from fingerprints or other investigation.

You need to report the claim to the insurance company either directly or through your insurance agent or broker.You are going to need to complete a claim form listing all the items that are stolen or damaged. This is a difficult job to do as you will feel traumatized by your situation. If you have an inventory list it will be a bit easier.

If you are the tenant of a building then you may be responsible for the damage to the building due to the break-in. This is an important item to note in your lease.

Your insurance agent or broker is not licensed to act as an adjuster or an appraiser but they are able to help you in certain ways. They can call an adjuster who you are having difficulty contacting. Your broker can help you with receiving and forwarding forms to the company. You may even pick up your claim cheque from the broker's office.