Bungalows today are a type of dwelling that is usually single storey or one and a half stories, and can be quite large. The home usually has a basement and a porch. This type of structure became popular when there was a need for an apartment dweller to purchase a first home. The cost is usually less expensive then a split level.

When determining the value of your home some of the information you will need to provide includes the year it was built, square footage and percentages of different floor coverings. If your home is of high value then often the insurance company will do their own appraisal. If your home is more average in value then you will need to provide accurate information to have a correct policy.

Take the time to go over the information that your broker or agent on your renewal. If it is out of date you could be either under insured or over insured. Take control of your insurance. Turners Tips recommends that you do not assume any coverage but ask the questions to be sure that you are protected if there is a claim causing you financial loss.