Bull infertility conditions precedent

For sake of example we are using one insurance company's wordings for what is required of you if you wish to make a claim under an insurance policy for bull infertility.

In this example "you" is the term referring to you, as the insured and owner of the insurance policy. "Us" refers to the insurance company or their agent or broker. The schedule refers to the amount of money that you have paid for this bull.

1. You must notify us immediately of any accident, injury,illness or disease which may result in a claim under the section.

2. Following notification to us of a possible claim, the animal involved must be given at least three (3) months to attempt a recovery unless we agree to accept the claim before the end of such period.

3. Permanent infertility, impotency or incapability must be total infertility, impotency, incapability or failure and not merely a reduction and must be proved:

  • To the satisfaction of your and our veterinary surgeons and
  • During the period of insurance in which the accidental injury was sustained or during the six (6) month calendar months immediately following the end of such period.

4. Following acceptance of a claim by us, you must dispose of the animal to the best possible financial advantage and the amount so obtained, or which could have been obtained, will reduce our liability under this section by that amount.

5. Following acceptance of a claim under the Temporarily Infertile section, the sum insured is automatically reduced by 20% of the value stated int he Schedule.