A broker sells insurance on behalf of an insurance company or a number of individual insurance companies that may be competing for your business. The broker can help you with the insurance company. The broker will check the markets to obtain what you require as to the types of coverage for your specific needs. A broker can pick different insurance companies.

A broker is a professional so has a high standard of behaviour to meet. You have a right to expect a broker to give you good advice and if not, they can be held accountable.

An insurance broker is an independent business person. A broker will use this independence to find the right insurance policy that best suits your needs. A broker looks after all aspects of an insurance transaction. A broker will give you advice, will set up the policy and sometimes billing of the policy, and can facilitate in claims. A broker is also an insurance agent but differs with having more then one market to shop.

Agents sell insurance services of one company. The information they can provide about the products and services is limited to that one company.

Whether an agent or a broker this person is a sales professional and you need to fully examine any products you are offered. A broker can be paid commission or wage.