Breast cancer link to cleaners?

There are few women that actually enjoy housework. The news that some basic cleaning products in our homes may increase the risk of a woman developing breast cancer is not going to be well received. How accurate is this study?

A study in the U.S. has found that some cleaning products in the home may double the risk of a woman developing reast cancer.

The study was published in the international journal "Environmental Health" and points to the use of cleaners including mold removers and air fresheners doubling the risk of women who used them most often.

It is interesting to note that some of the products that you would expect to be more hazardous such as mothballs and insect repellents had little impact on the risk of women developing breast cancer. What the researchers were looking for was "mammary gland carcinogens" and "endocrine disrupting chemicals".

How was this study done? The researchers asked 787 Massachusetts women who were diagnosed with breast cancer between 1988 and 1995 about their use of household cleaning products. In particular they were questioned about which products they purchased. The study may be affected by poor recall of just what was purchased when.

Researchers asked 721 women who did not have breast cancer about what products they used to clean their homes. The women were also asked about their beliefs in what may cause breast cancer. So if you have breast cancer and you believe that it may be caused by certain chemicals then you may have a stronger memory of using a certain chemical over others.

More research will need to be done to prove that there is a tie-in to certain cleaners and breast cancer. That being said, you can choose to purchase more eco-friendly cleaning products and reduce your carbon footprint a little, You are helping the environment and possibly reducing possible negative effects of certain cleaning products. We will have to wait fore further research before the case of cleaning products causing breast cancer is proven.

Insurance Help

If you have received a cancer diagnosis then be advised that your health insurance will respond to certain treatments and for certain medications. Depending on the type of group health plan you have there could be excess medical coverage. Again, there could be limitations as to amount to be paid and what treatments will be covered.

Critical illness insurance policies could also be triggered. If the cancer is life-threatening then it is a good time to review your insurance and know what you actually will have in place. Take control of what you can.